Mountain Path

Kathryn Hill

Confidence & Success Coach for Career Women

I  coach women who are stuck in a career rut and want to make a change. My clients come to me feeling unhappy, unfulfilled and even bored having reached a plateau in their career.

My clients know they were made for more and yet they feel stuck. Coaching helps to unlock their goals, get clarity on what's holding them back, determine the way ahead, and take inspired action.

I help my clients to confidently do what it takes to achieve career success on their own terms.

Happy Clients

I’ve had six sessions with Kathryn and she is an amazing coach! Kat is very intuitive and picks up on the smallest details and asks the right questions to really get me thinking about what’s going on. She is amazing at holding space and so kind. I really enjoyed working with her and cannot recommend her more. Thank you!


Since having the privilege to work with Kat over the past few months, I have much more confidence, clarity, and direction. By Kat asking the right questions and listening with complete non-judgment, I have been able to learn from my past experiences and set clear goals for my path forward.

With gentle guidance, Kat creates such a safe space for both professional and personal growth. Her encouragement and support have been a lifeline during a period of transition. I would highly recommend working with Kat to anyone who wants to recover from their past and discover their future while reaching their fullest potential.




4 weeks of 1:1 coaching to help you get unstuck and move forward.

6-week 1:1 coaching progamme with sessions on goal setting, overcoming limiting beliefs, and taking inspired action.

Goal Setting & Mindset Mini Course

coming soon!


About Me

As an introverted empath, I've played the role of advisor, confidante and advocate for others all my life. I often feel what others are feeling, and intuitively understand their situation. 

I became a coach because I realised that when someone is going through a difficult time, making life changes, or striving towards a new goal, it's not my advice that they need most, rather it's support to use their innate strength and wisdom to make change.


Coaching can result in life changing 'aha' moments but it isn't always easy. You may come face-to-face with uncomfortable truths, fears or experiences. As your coach I'll be there to support you so that you can move forward and have the success you deserve.