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Goal Getter Intensive

A 3-week 1:1 coaching programme to help you define and prioritise your goals, build a success mindset, and take inspired action.

Packed with Professional Support, Resources and Value

Life Coaching

4 x 1 hour life coaching sessions, including weekly workbook and exercises


7 mindfulness exercises and guided meditations


Journaling exercises, affirmations, NLP exercises

Stop holding back and create the life you want

When we lack confidence we hold ourselves back and shy away from creating the life we want. Although we know we want to feel more empowered, change things in our life, or achieve new things, we stay stuck and our goals seem far away.


Mindful Confidence for Life is for you if you're no longer happy being stuck and are ready to do the personal development work to get you closer to your goals and desires.


Mindful Confidence for Life provides insights and  support to help you understand where your lack of confidence is coming from, become more confident, and take inspired action to create the life you want.

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